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“How can we reduce plastic waste from takeaways?”

The Prince’s Government has set itself the target of achieving zero single-use plastic waste by 2030. A dedicated action plan includes a series of progressive bans targeting the disposable plastic items that are most often found in the natural environment and which can be easily replaced: bags, straws, coffee stirrers, cups, etc.

With each regulatory deadline, the Government offers a support programme for the main stakeholders who are affected.

Remember the 2016 Bag for Life campaign to cut down on overuse of plastic bags? Every household in the Principality received an organic cloth bag – a simple, eco-friendly alternative. That same year, the Department of the Environment launched the Responsible Trading certification to support traders in their environmental transition.

A ban on disposable tableware was introduced on 1 January 2020. To help traders and restaurant owners make the right choices, the Department of the Environment has created factsheets specifying permitted materials and recommended practices. You can find out more about these right here in this newsletter... And in a similar vein, the new Responsible Restaurant individual support programme has been launched.

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Can we come up with some solutions to reduce plastic waste from takeaways ?

That was the objective of a participatory workshop organised by the Mission for Energy Transition at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco on Thursday 28 March 2019. Held as part of Monaco Ocean Week and the Annual Energy Transition Conference, it attracted more than 50 particularly committed participants. Takeaway owners, consumers and representatives from government departments in the Principality, the Prince Albert II Foundation, Monaco City Hall, the Oceanographic Museum and Ecoscience Provence spent two hours engaging in discussions and putting their heads together to come up with constructive ways to meet this challenge together.

Following a welcome from Olivier Dufourneaud, Director of Ocean Policy at the Oceanographic Museum, Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the Mission for Energy Transition, reiterated the overwhelming need to reduce plastic waste, which accounts for 11% of waste by tonnage in Monaco and is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions (80%) when incinerated in the Principality. She encouraged participants to share their observations, ideas and best practices to offer practical responses to this challenge, which is both collective and individual.

Patrick Rolland, the Deputy Director of the Environment, reminded participants of the latest government measures designed to encourage a gradual move away from the use of plastic in the Principality’s shops, and then Ecoscience Provence association gave a presentation on some alternative practices and principles to be followed in light of the recent ban on plastic straws and stirrers in Monaco. Participants then had the opportunity to get down to work in a warm, respectful environment, listening to each other’s views on the key questions in this area: the advantages of reducing plastic waste for their businesses and for society in general, and the difficulties identified in terms of putting this into action. They then worked together to devise suggested actions and highlight inspiring initiatives to ‘build’ a range of constructive responses. It is these existing issues and the short- or long-term solutions to be adopted that are set out in the subsequent pages of this document.

To obtain further information, ask a question or engage in further discussion on this issue, please contact : environnement@gouv.mc



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 Are you a trader who would like to get involved in the effort to reduce the use of single-use plastic packaging ?

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