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Drive differently

Since 1994, the Prince’s Government has pursued a policy of incentivising electric transport, offering:

-          a purchase subsidy: measures to promote ecological vehicles

-          free charging in public car parks and on the street

-          discounts on parking season tickets

-          free annual car sticker

Check out everything the Government is doing to promote electric transport

At the beginning of 2021, electric vehicles accounted for more than 7% of all vehicles in Monaco.

What are the advantages of an eco-friendly car?

- It’s less polluting and produces no CO2 emissions

- It reduces dependence on fossil fuels

- It’s quieter

- It’s cheaper to run and maintain

- It attracts some special benefits (e.g. Monaco City Hall offers free on-street parking for electric vehicles, there are reduced rates on season tickets for public car parks, etc.)

All your questions about electric vehicles!

There are lots of popular misconceptions! Are eco-friendly vehicles more expensive? Do they have a greater impact on the environment? Find out all you need to know with our FAQ :


According to consulting firm Carbone 4, electric vehicles can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transport solutions. When the entire lifecycle – from manufacture through to recycling – is taken into account, the footprint of an electric car in France or Monaco is a third of that produced by a car powered by a combustion engine. The difference, which is less significant in Germany or Europe as a whole, is due to the fact that France’s electricity is generated by nuclear energy, while in Germany, for example, it is coal powered.

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