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Launch of the "Responsible Trading" Label

Crédit : Direction de l'Environnement 

"Responsible Trading" consists of a network of partners, enabling good practices to be shared, new avenues for action to become apparent and information to be circulated.

The label is to be used in conjunction with a set of specifications that will evolve over time and are defined in consultation with traders in the Principality.  It commits the country to the following practical actions: 

  • reducing and sorting waste
  • returnable and reusable packaging
  • use of local suppliers
  • energy saving and resource management

The introduction of the label will be accompanied by a range of support measures (such as meetings and discussions), taking account of each person's continuous improvement.

The Government launched the "Responsible Trading" approach in 2014 among traders in the Principality with the aim of encouraging eco-responsible practices, with a particular focus on reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the first phase of this approach, retailers were given support in preparing for and implementing the Sovereign Ordinance on the prohibition of plastic bags and plastic utensils.

In early 2015, the Department of the Environment met with more than 200 traders who were using plastic bags.  The information collected related to the type and use of the bags, possible alternatives, and, more generally, waste management and recycling.

This study showed that, for more than 95% of Monegasque traders, protecting the environment is an issue that is important or of concern to them.

Further information:  environnement@gouv.mc

Crédit : Direction de l'Environnement 

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