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[Testimonial] Signing the Pact is to support a collective commitment through individual actions.

Patrick Wils

I’m very sporty, and it was through my lifestyle and my participation in sporting activities that take me out in nature that I became aware of the various problems associated with plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Like many of those who have signed up to the National Energy Transition Pact, I had already begun taking some steps to reduce my carbon footprint before I actually signed the Pact. Signing up was, for me, a way of making my commitment official and of supporting this collective effort formalised by the Government under the aegis of the Mission for Energy Transition and, more specifically, its National Pact.


Having already adopted many eco-friendly behaviours over the last several years, I now want to focus my personal actions on areas where I can still improve, particularly mobility, which I have made a priority. As a car and scooter owner, I decided to go for an electric car after being convinced of a vehicle’s performance at the EVER Monaco show. As for my two-wheel vehicle, I gave it up due to my environmental beliefs, and I’m using the Monabike electric bike sharing service until I buy an electric scooter, which I will be doing soon. On this subject, I have not made a final decision on a vehicle which offers adequate performance, and I’m disappointed with the lack of parking spaces available on the street for two-wheeled vehicles. Ideally, there would be a number of parking spaces reserved specially for electric two-wheelers. This would be likely to encourage users to switch to electric scooters.


As a member of the co-owners’ association for my building, I’m now working to extend my action beyond my own individual commitments. I managed to persuade people to vote to replace the lighting in our building’s car park entirely with LED lighting in a few months’ time. This is an investment which we know will pay off in just five years, and which will have an immediate impact in terms of energy usage. The next step is to identify an effective, fair solution for installing electrical outlets in the building’s car parks to encourage residents to buy clean vehicles.


Signing the Energy Transition Pact is above all about taking the initiative to support a collective commitment through our individual actions. We can begin with some very simple actions such as buying domestic electrical appliances with a high energy performance rating and using them for as long as possible. The first step will automatically lead to further steps. The most important thing is to get started... - Patrick Wils.



Did you know?


Cabinet Wolzok has long been highly committed to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The firm therefore suggested that the Mission for Energy Transition should take part in a general meeting of the co-owners at the Eden Star building, where Patrick Wils lives.

This gave the Mission an opportunity to discuss the challenges of the energy transition in the Principality and to talk about the National Pact.

Cabinet Wolzok has also allowed Patrick Wils to stick up posters about the energy transition in the building’s lifts.

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