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Energy transition is a key concern for the Prince’s Government

The Minister of State flanked by Marie-Pierre Gramaglia and Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux

Photo credit: © Michael Alesi – Government Communication Department

At a press breakfast this morning, the Minister of State, flanked by Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, and Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the Mission for Energy Transition, discussed the Prince’s Government’s policy on energy transition.

Addressing the problems associated with climate change, Serge Telle said: “They are extraordinarily difficult issues to tackle. Commitment has to come both from the individual and from society, and the National Pact equips people and businesses with the power to contribute, in their own way and to the extent of their abilities, and help to change things. The role of the Mission for Energy Transition includes coordinating all public policy, since every political decision has an impact on the environment. And your task, Ms Jaeger-Seydoux, is to ensure consistency, at the national level, across the commitments undertaken by the Sovereign Prince at the international level.”

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia then set out the major strands of her policy on biodiversity and the significant actions taken by the Mission for Energy Transition: “It is vital that, together, we are successful in our energy transition in order to improve quality of life in the Principality and ensure economic growth which is compatible with the planet’s limits, as well as a sustainable legacy for our children.”

In conclusion, Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux described the Mission for Energy Transition’s objectives and noted: “We must accelerate the potential and this means stepping up the introduction of digital technology. The Chief Country Digital Officer and his team, with whom we are working closely, will help us here. The digital and energy transitions are coming together.”

More information will follow on Monaco Info and social media this evening.

Check out the Energy Transition newsletter produced by the Mission: https://transition-energetique.gouv.mc/newsletter/archive/fdba52470fb2d9e4a7749384b56d1a25 (French only)

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