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Environmental initiatives at sea: latest Mission for Energy Transition event

Rencontres de la MTE - Yachting ©Direction de la Communication Stéphane Danna

To mark World Oceans Day, held on Tuesday 8 June, the Mission for Energy Transition organised an event that brought together several companies from the yachting and maritime sector, all of which have signed the National Energy Transition Pact.

The companies were invited to the Yacht Club de Monaco to present their flagship actions to promote the energy transition and reduce greenhouse gases. How are they tackling the challenges, and what levers of action are they using? How are they combatting the two types of pollution caused: atmospheric and noise? More broadly, how can we reduce the carbon footprint of yachting and protect our oceans?

The yachting sector, which is omnipresent in Monaco, is undergoing significant change. Regulations and customer demand are evolving; and stakeholders are all working to take specific action. Boat designers, captains, crews, owners and port infrastructure managers all have a role to play. Thinking about the impact you have is no longer optional.

The event concluded with a question and answer session with the large audience in attendance.

More reporting can be found on Monaco Info.

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